Hello and Namaste

We are Nadine and Angelique (fondly known as ms.Tours & Ms.Detours). We are India travel specialists and Between us we have almost 20 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, we bring that experience and knowledge to our curated group tours .

Why Travel with us?

  • Unique but affordable

We champion inclusivity and strongly believe travel should be accessible to all and not just the privilege of a few. Bearing this in mind we work hard at curating unique but affordable trips to India.

  • We have many women-only groups

Traveling in women-only groups is cost-effective (you get to share a room and thus split the cost) and you have the unique advantage of belonging to a sisterhood. As we are fond of saying, you travel back from one of our trips not just with memories and bags of shopping but also with brand new friends and sisters.

  • Engage directly with the community

When you travel with us not only will you see all the sights postcards are made of, but you will also have the chance to mingle with people on the streets, learn their stories, eat their food and buy their wares. We are big on supporting the local economy and will use only Indian-owned establishments to stay in and eat at.

  • You want an authentic Indian experience

We both have grown up in India and use our extensive local connections to curate trips that will have you experiencing a genuine cultural immersion. We take great pride in being able to show you OUR India, and not just the India of guide books. Also, you will always be escorted on the trip with at least one of us. Many tour groups “send” you to India, we “take” you there.

  • Giving back

Tours n Detours gives a percentage of each journey cost to a local charity as “giving back” to the host community is very important to us.

In conclusion, if discovering a place through its people and participating in authentic cultural experiences is your kind of thing we invite you to travel with us and leave your footprint - not the carbon type of course, but one of community, hope and support.

We look forward to hosting you, very, very soon